Thank you for the trust, XE:DARIS!

As a freelancer, it’s not every day that you get to accompany the start-up of a company from the very first second. Even the name didn’t exist when we started working on it at the end of last year. Even here, the challenge was to put the essence of the company into a suitable, sonorous and, of course, as unique a term as possible. An additional challenge nowadays is always that this must also be free and functional on the Internet. Many hundreds of possibilities and combinations of syllables were tried out until we were sure in the end: XE:DARIS, that’s it!

The logo development was similarly complex and the sitemap for the conception of the homepage grew into a small juggernaut – but perfectly structured. In order to be able to guarantee professional quality on all flanks, we also brought a copywriter on board. Stefan Hemming succeeded in transforming the very complex topic into a clearly understandable language that reads well to boot! My clients showed a lot of attention to detail, for example in the way they presented themselves. A photo shoot was discarded and instead, with Ralph Hertlein, an artist was found who can conjure up unusual portraits with ease.

Now the new homepage is finished and online, but the project is not finished yet, because there is still a lot to develop in the “classic” print area. Not to forget: social media and film… It remains exciting! XE:DARIS