AI and cats! Cat-pictures are always good, aren’t they? And today is international cat day… But this post is not about cats, it’s about AI. Because while cats come and go (after all, they have minds of their own) AI is here to stay.

2023 will go down in history books as the year AI began to transform the lives of us all. Providers for chat systems, audio manipulation, image and video generation but also automation are sprouting like mushrooms and already it is no longer possible to know – or even be able to know – every one of the new tools…. In addition (as always in gold digger times) not a few providers try to make the fast dollar: Lost in Abo’s, you know?

Actually, one would have to wait and see which providers really have something up their sleeve before delving deeper into the topic. But that’s not really an option, because AI won’t wait for us humans to understand its potential either. It means staying on the ball and integrating new possibilities into our own working universe. Much of what is standard today will be superseded tomorrow.

One thing is clear: In creative professions, the upheavals will be massive! Entire sectors will change, new ones will emerge, and others will disappear altogether. How we create content, edit images, communicate, live and work today – even how we go on vacation or fight wars, etc… that’s all water under the bridge.

AI has already crept into my work as well…. I recently used ChatGPT to create a list of over 40 posting options for a client – in one minute. Without ChatGPT it would have taken me hours to do the same research. In the past, that would have been a day-long task for an intern – even with Google.

Of course I also use Midjourney to create images for this and that occasion. Here, too, my thoughts and ideas are transformed into concrete images by the AI, and so well that I am less and less likely to go to the relevant picture agencies. A nice side effect is that the images also belong to you – no stress with licenses.

I don’t need to mention that the results are also inspiring. Tell the machine that the image should be surreal and Dali would pale with astonishment at the result. Generate fashion photography in Elle or Vogue style, shot with Hasselblad… and seconds later that’s what’s on the screen.

Considering that AI is relatively new and development is just picking up steam, you get a rough idea of what will be possible in the future. It’s more than anyone can imagine.

But if you’re worried, you can simply enjoy this cat, which of course never existed in real life.